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Kimberly-Clark cares deeply about employee health care.  The Company is constantly striving to help employees stay healthy.  Kimberly-Clark employs an in-house team of physicians, nurses and health and fitness specialists.  The Company offers an array of programs specifically designed to help keep our employees healthy and at their best.  Such programs include:

•    A competitive and comprehensive set of health and welfare plans.  The Company’s benefit plans are designed to provide access to high quality providers and information resources.

•    Access to regular health screening, physical examinations and check ups.

•    Exercise and fitness classes and other activities encouraging employees to be active and exercise regularly.  Nutrition and weight loss programs are also available to employees.

•    Employee assistance programs to help employees with a variety of personal health and well-being issues.

•    Occupational health programs that support our approach to health and safety at work.

•    Onsite medical clinics at our larger facilities where employees can access care from physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses for acute medical problems, immunizations, travel medicine, second opinions, referrals, and general health advocacy for more complex issues.

As described above, Kimberly-Clark takes a comprehensive view of employee health.  Again, all programs are continually reviewed to determine their effectiveness in providing cost-efficient health care to employees.
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