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Kraft Foods

Kraft's total wellness mission is to create a culture where Kraft partners with employees and their families to adopt healthy lifestyles and achieve financial security.  Kraft's commitment to wellness encompasses all three dimensions of wellness -- physical, financial and personal.

Across the globe, we are committed to having opportunities in place for prevention, savings accumulation, financial protection from illness, injury and death, wellness education and assistance, program and service discounts, and decision support as well as incentives for behavior modification consistent with our total wellness mission.

In the U.S. our prevention efforts include 100% coverage for annual physicals and health screenings, as well as education, disease management, and assistance to support well-being and identify and manage health risks.  We offer programs and discounts for weight management and fitness.  Health decision support is provided through personal health coaching and online tools and resources.  Kraft's Healthy Living Reward Program allows employees to earn up to a $200 annual credit towards medical plan contributions for participation in Healthy Living programs and activities.  Incentives also include quarterly drawings for prizes valued at $2500.

Kraft's many health and wellness programs work together to manage total health.  The employee receives the right support and information at the right time, without disruption or confusion, and without redundant efforts or costs.  The better we manage our many health programs, the closer we'll be to realizing our vision -- an organization where healthy, high-performing employees are fully engaged in their work, taking personal responsibility and feeling rewarded.
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