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Medtronic, Inc.


Medtronic is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people worldwide; this commitment begins with its employees. Medtronic's Total Health program empowers employees and their spouses to fully utilize its comprehensive healthcare offerings. Its goals are to improve health through behavior change, improve access to appropriate health related resources, increase awareness and responsibility, reduce inappropriate utilization, and limit healthcare cost increases.

Components of the Total Health program include: on-site wellness screenings, a health risk questionnaire (HRQ), a personal health coach, lifestyle, disease, and disability management programs, nurse lines, on-line tools through WebMD and mental health resources. In addition, Medtronic insurance provides employees with access to the latest medical technology.  Finally, company worksites support Total Health through on-site fitness facilities, healthy food choices and educational sessions on a variety of health-related topics.

Incentives include a financial contribution toward a Healthy Incentives Account (in the form of a Health Reimbursement Account) for employees who take action to maintain or improve their health and qualification for a preferred health plan for program enrollees with a completed HRQ.

Medtronic believes that, by engaging employees, health care vendors and the company, employees and their families will have improved health that will enhance our ability to provide life-sustaining products and services to our customers.
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